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E-books are available in three major formats: Microsoft, Adobe, and Palm. Microsoft Reader is the software you use to view Microsoft e-books.

Obtaining or Updating Your Copy of Microsoft Reader

You can obtain the latest version of Microsoft Reader for free from the Microsoft Reader Web site, where you will also find:

  • System requirements
  • Download instructions
  • Installation instructions
  • Activation instructions


Although Amazon requires that all e-docs be printable, please note that most publishers don't allow their e-books to be printed. Note also that the Mac platform is not currently supported by Microsoft Reader. For other information not found below, please visit's Microsoft Reader help pages, where you'll also find a troubleshooting guide.

Activating Your Copy of Microsoft Reader

Microsoft e-books are encrypted in order to protect the copyright of the author or publisher. To read an e-book, you must have a license to open and read the e-book (which you receive automatically when you buy the e-book on and you must activate Microsoft Reader.

To activate Microsoft Reader on your computer:

  • Make sure that you have version 4.0 or later of Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Point your desktop or laptop browser to and log in with your Passport sign-in name.
  • Click Activate.


You will need a Microsoft Passport account in order to activate Microsoft Reader. If you have a Hotmail or MSN account, then you automatically have a Passport account, so you don't need to set one up. However, if you don't already have a Microsoft Passport account, you'll be prompted to set one up during the activation process.

E-books for Your Pocket PC sells many e-books that are available for Pocket PC 2002 models. If your Pocket PC is an older model, a smaller selection of compatible e-books may be available. To read an e-book, you will first need to install and activate Microsoft Reader 2.0 on both your PC and Pocket PC. Many Pocket PC models come with the software already installed. If it's not already installed on your Pocket PC, you can download the software from the Microsoft Reader Web site.

To activate Microsoft Reader on your Pocket PC:

  • Make sure your Pocket PC is connected to your PC (via the cradle or USB).
  • Visit and log in with your Passport sign-in name.
  • Click the Activate Your Pocket PC button.


You are finished when you see the message that reads "Activation components have been successfully downloaded to your device and are being installed."


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